We are a small creative design, photography, and motion studio. We are inspired by contemporary art, architecture, fashion, dance and music culture and the people involved in it. 

We mostly work on creative commercial and independent projects and strive to maintain a healthy balance between both. 

Mind over matter. Even if our work uses robotic arms for motion control, high-speed cine camera rigs, and a range of digital and practical VFX work, we strongly believe in the force of creative ideas and the talented people behind them.

 We don’t believe in listing and parading our high-profile clients and understand that our work speaks for itself.

Studio rental

Our working studio is open for rentals for motion and photography projects. Based in the northern part of Switzerland, we are just hours away from Germany, France, Italy, and Austria, and only 40 min. from Zürich airport. 

Our studio floor has a 90º corner cyclorama with a stage floor of 42 m2 (453 sqf) and a total 140 m2 (1500 sqf) of usable studio space with a ceiling height of 3.5m (11.4 feet)

Equipped with a motion control robotic arm, a range of grip and lighting for photography and cine applications, makeup stations, and hangout areas, as well as a small art department tool shop that can accommodate most basic production projects. 

Here is a floor plan as well as a detailed equipment list and price list.

Mühlenstrasse 40
8200 Schaffhausen

+41 078 181818